Private Coaching 

I have over twenty years of experience as an actor on stage, in a sound booth and in front of a camera, as a dancer, performer, director, producer and casting director. My extensive training in both Europe and America gives me a very unique perspective on the actor's preparation, scene work, voice and movement. Below are a variety of services that I offer IN PERSON and on SKYPE:

Presentation and public speaking

My extensive experience as an actor lead me to teach acting to children and adults. I can help you develop your presentations in a safe and nurturing environement. If you have no acting or public speaking experience, no need to worry, you will learn all the tricks of the trade to be at your very best on the day of your presentation. I do one-on-one or groupe sessions, depending on your needs. 

Acting and audition preperation

I have been in audition rooms more than I can count! Through my years in classes, rehearsals and working with coaches, I have learnt many tricks. I love to see the actor find new elements in the text, in their acting, emotional memory and see her/him bring it to the work. Every class will be catered to your own needs, based on your goals and necessity.

Accent reduction for non-Americans

English is not my native language. I have learnt from many teachers and coaches to soften and eventually get rid of my accent. I learnt not only the IPA (International Phonetic Alaphabet) but also how to move the muscles differently to produce the necessary sounds. Knowing what you are going through, I'd be the perfect help to improve your accent. Each class will be customized to your needs, interest and goals. 

European accents for non-natives

I am proficient in IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) and a native French Speaker. I speak advanced Italien and basic German. Using my knowledge of languages, what I learnt from my amazing speach teachers and coaches, my extensive experience in using accents on stage,  film and TV, I can help any natives learn to produce an accurate accent. Every class will be personalized based on your needs, goals and interest. 
US$100 per hour/30 minute minimum
Competitive monthly packages available
24 hour cancellation policy
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